Pure “10 Step” Water

Featuring Corpell’s Exclusive 10 step Purification Process

  • We take pride in the quality of the bottled water we deliver. Over the years, we have refined our process to ensure a product of the highest quality and purity. Corpell’s Exclusive 10 step Process sets the gold standard for water purification.
  • The unique 10 step purification process used by Corpell’s Water includes reverse osmosis, uv treatment and ozonization, all completed through stainless steel production piping. No human contact with the water occurs throughout the process ensuring the highest quality of product.
  • We test hourly to ensure our standards. In addition, random weekly water testing is also performed by an outside independent accredited lab. Corpell’s Water is a voluntary member of the Canadian Bottled Water Association (CBWA) which requires us to meet standards well above municipal and city water standards. The CBWA as well as the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CIFA), the Province of Manitoba Food and Safety, and the City of Winnipeg also conduct random surprise audits of our facilities in order to confirm that we meet these rigorous standards.
  • All this shows how dedicated we are to ensuring the highest quality of product.
  • Corpell’s Water is simply the cleanest water you have ever tasted!
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