Keurig 1500


The Keurig® K150 brewing system brews your perfect cup at work under one minute, at the touch of a button. Now, everyone in your office get to brew what they prefer. This fully programmable brewer showcases an interactive touchscreen, allowing you to program your beverage temperature, select Auto On/Off and set your language preference to English, Spanish or French. The Keurig® K150 brewer has a choice of five cup sizes, offers a removable drip tray to accommodate your travel mug and a drainable internal hot water tank for transport or storage.

Experience an amazing variety of beverages from some of America’s most-loved brands.



Brewer Functions:

  1. Quite Brew Technology
  2. Strong Brew
  3. 4 Cup sizes
  4. 96oz Reservoir
  5. Auto On/Off Fucntion
  6. Drainable internal Tank


  1. Designed for Commercial and Household use
  2. Power – 1,400 Watts
  3. Voltage – 120VC
  4. Weight 10.2lbs (When Empty)
  5. Dimensions 12.35’’ H x 10.25’’ W x 12.1’’ D